Hello, welcome! This is the website for LIVIDnet, an experimental network in a Greek homelab.

You may have also stumbled upon this website because this domain also serves my e-mail.

This website is currently under construction.



This machine also acts as a Tor middle relay. I've been working on making it more stable-- I'll provide statistics at some point in the near future.

Statistics provided by The Tor Project can be found here. They also work as some sort of uptime monitor for the time being.


This machine is a dn42 node. I'm currently trying to automate the process for opening up peerings.

Matrix server

An invite-only Matrix instance is available here.

Hardware Setup

This server uses a Raspberry Pi 4B+, Ubuntu 20.04 and Caddy. It will be eventually expanded.

Source Code

A lot of the source code (and configurations) that I use can be found on GitHub.

I publish my configurations in order to help other people that are curious about tinkering with their own machines and providing services to the public.