Privacy Notice #

If you access the services hosted on this machine, you are bound by all the terms below.

1. Introduction #

1.1. Definitions #

1.2. Disclaimer #

Our try to limit the amount of personal information that is being collected as much as possible, but please understand that our infrastructure is being maintained by a single person on an experimental and personal capacity, rather than a professional capacity.

We do not sell or exchange your information for monetary gain.

2. Information we collect. #

We process information and your data under a Legitimate Interest basis of processing, in order for us to provide you with a service in an efficient and secure manner.

In some cases, you can choose to provide more information in order to achieve a higher quality of experience, but that's entirely optional.

2.1. E-mail #

We do not currently offer any e-mail services to the general public and currently use for our own communications. is managed by Heinlein Support GmbH, a service provider based in Berlin, Germany. Their privacy policy can be reviewed here.

2.2. Websites #

When you browse our websites, we collect the following information:

The log files containing the pages you visit on our websites are preserved for less than 30 minutes, unless if we have reasonable grounds to believe that you, or a computer program running on your systems, are trying to deliberately attack our infrastructure and affect their integrity or reliability.

2.3. Matrix #

We operate a Matrix instance under the following link:

The information that is being collected is the following:

Your password is only accessible by the operator in a hashed format and can be reset on demand.

You can choose to deactivate your account at any time and instruct us to remove our own copy of your messages and files that you have uploaded to the service.

However, since Matrix is a federated service, your messages, display name, message and files are also being shared with other Matrix instance operators. Upon the deletion of an account, the instance also requests other operators who may have a copy of your data to remove your information, but we cannot guarantee that it will.

It is also important to note here that we cannot read your messages, should you choose to enable encryption in your conversations.

2.4. Mastodon #

You can find our Mastodon instance here:

The information that is being collected is the following:

It's not in the interest of the operator to actually read what you send to other people and they deliberately haven't installed any sort of software that makes accessing this material easy. However, it's still being stored and processed, so that it can be possible to provide you with the service.

This service is a federated service, which means that your profile details, as well as the material you post is shared with other operators that also operate a Mastodon instance, if these instances are connected ("federated") with each other. This means that deactivating your account may not be immediately remove the copies of the material you've shared from the servers of other people.

2.5. Tor Relay #

Our Tor infrastructure processes the following information:

This concerns people connecting to the node via the Tor network directly, as well as other Tor relay operators. The only diagnostic data that's being shared with the rest of the Tor network is the bandwidth, as is the case with all public Tor relay operators.

2.6. SSH #

Attempting to login to any of our systems remotely without permission through protocols such as Secure Shell (SSH) or others, will be recorded.

The following information will be stored:

By doing so, you agree that you have no objection to your attempt being analyzed, shared or publicized for research purposes.

3. Access to your information / Contact #

You are free to direct any general questions about this notice and request a copy of your data or its deletion by contacting us.

4. Changes to this notice #

All changes to this notice are made publicly available. Please check the notice regularly.